Negombo - Sri Lanka.


Negombo is mostly about the beach and the sea, but these are not the only interesting things in this easy paced and traveler friendly west coast resort.

If you are on the beach you obviously love the ocean, take your love of the sea to the next level with deep sea diving off the coast of Negombo. There are many PADI certified divers who will guide you to the wonderful world of beautiful coral reefs, sea life and ship wrecks. Separate fishing trips can also be organized.

There are also boat trips that can be arranged along the river and canals which were used in the colonial era for transporting goods like elephants and spices, to and from the commercial capital Colombo.

Negombo is a heaven for nature lovers with the Muthurajawela Marsh where you can experience the rich natural landscape and do some authentic bird watching.

A local city tour is a fabulous way of getting yourself acquainted with the history and lifestyle of Negombo.

A typical (of characteristic?) city tour will take you to the local fish market where many of the native fisher folk trade their catch. You can see a lot and witness the live auction of fish, but depending on which time you visit the market.

The Dutch Fort is also on the route to the fish market, along with various historically and culturally significant landmarks. You will also be able to shop for a variety of local bargains including handi-crafts and spices.

For a more exciting shopping experience you can also go to Colombo for a city tour. The capital city is 37 km from Negombo and is approximately 35 minutes drive on the new highway / expressway.